Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gender Reveal

I wanted to do something special for Chase for him to find out if he was getting {another} brother or a sister. We never were able to find out Christian's gender due to low amniotic fluid, so this time I knew I wanted to make it fun for him. Especially since he is at an age where he "gets it."
So we did this...

He knew if blue balloons came out it meant it was a boy, and that pink balloons meant a sister.



Chase was very excited, as he kept saying he wanted a brother. It was about this time he went back over to the box, peered inside carefully, and asked, "There aren't any pink ones in there, are there?!"
Just making sure, I guess. 
We are all really excited. Wes and I had a hunch as we opened the envelope.
And we were right!
We waited three weeks to look. And in those three weeks I tried to prepare my heart either way.
 If it was a girl I think I would have always longed and yearned for Chase to have a brother here on Earth. Of course it didn't matter either way, but I know God knows just what our hearts need right now.
We are so blessed!



Holly Shirar said...

So cute!!!

Trisha Noel Photography said...

Yeah!! so fun and exciting!!! i have been waiting for you to share and what a fun way! :)

Kendra Eldridge said...

I am so very happy for you and your whole family!!! Little boys are such a blessing ... what a wonderful way to announce the big gender reveal to Chase! : )

The Beckers said...

Congrats, Buente Family!!

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