Thursday, January 24, 2013

January Fun

January has been busy, and the weather has been a little wacky. We had a few 50 degree days where we were able to go outside and play, and as I type there is a wind chill advisory this week.
Spring, I am SO ready for you!
Here are some photos from the start of our new year.

Happy New Year!
We made crowns, had pizza and chocolate fondue, played chutes and ladders and were all asleep before the ball dropped. One of the best NYE I've ever had!
Indoor fun with paint:
Chase started swim lessons (thanks for the gift, Mimi!) this past week. This is the first time that I do not get in the water with him. He has done GREAT! His pal Ashton is in the class with him and that has really helped. Our goal for this 7 week class is to get him to put his head under the water. We got up to our nose this week. :)
Chase's preschool class is working their way through a winter/snow themed unit, and recently got to skate in shaving cream. I went in to help out and take photos too. He had a blast. We are so blessed with all of the hands-on, sensory and play-based learning they do there!
Chase caught a virus a week or so ago and after confirming with the Dr. it wasn't the start of the flu - we just did lots of resting for 3-4 days. The cough was the worst at night and he didn't sleep well.
We were lucky to get out of the house on a nice day and practice driving the tractor Pop and Grandma got him for Christmas. He had a big grin the whole time, and once he went from speed 1 to speed 2, there was no going back.


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