Friday, October 26, 2012

Tired, but HAPPY!

So I feel I owe my readers a little explanation on where I've been lately.
This blog has suffered.
I am behind! We've had lots of fun things going on that I need to post, but guess what?
I learned something recently.
I like my family and I like sleep more than I like blogging.
THERE. I said it!
Don't get me wrong, this space is a passion of mine. But sometimes it has to be put on hold for, well - LIFE!
See that little cute sleepy-eyed boy up there? My little guy who usually sleeps 12 hours a night and naps for two? Yeah, we haven't seen that schedule in a little over a month around here.
Waking up at 5 am to start his day.
I am no sleep expert, but I've read that it's very developmentally appropriate (my teacher friends love that phrase I know) for fears and sleep issues to pop up at this age.
So, because we never know what the night will hold, when he goes to bed, I am usually not far behind him. We are praying over him daily in hopes that this fear, anxiety or just plain need to hang out with us at 3 am stops soon. It's hard to see him so tired. Most days he does just fine. But this past week he had a cold and a very low grade fever, and we were just. so. drained.
Life takes the life out of us sometimes. It's just a little season and in the grand scheme so not a big deal. I wish I was a person who could go on very little, or broken sleep. But I am not. :)
This too shall pass!
Hope to be back in the land of blogging soon.
Because life has been exciting!
We had a visit from our cousins!
Our best friends have a new baby!
We rode in a hot air balloon!
We visited the pumpkin patch!


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