Friday, October 5, 2012


Goop is a great sensory experience for kiddos of all ages.
You'll need cornstarch and water. Add food coloring if you wish. I took a cup of cornstarch and added a cup of water. I then slowly added about a 1/2 cup more of cornstarch to the mixture until it reached the consistency I wanted. It should run through your hands but be firm when you stir it or touch it quickly.
So, it's great for teaching about solids and liquids, but that was a little advanced for my preschooler. (Nerd alert: it is a physical science standard for the 1st grade!)
We talked about how it could be "hard" and soft/runny - and used lots of "describing words" too.
This activity kept Chase busy and completely engaged for 45 minutes.
That's like a day in toddler time.
 first feel
 adding a prep bowl upped the fun!
This is an "embrace the mess" activity.
I just threw ours in a big popcorn bowl and went with it. It cleans up easily!
If you can't stand the goop take it outside! :) 


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