Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nashville & Evansville

Finishing up our vacation post with about a million photos so bear with me!
 Once Hurricane Isaac blew us out of Gulf Shores, we headed to Nashville. Chase LOVED eating dinner at The Aquarium, where you dined right next to huge fish tanks. It's hard enough to get a toddler to focus on his meal - add in sting rays and sharks? FORGET IT.

We walked around Opryland and were total tourists.
 The Nashville Zoo was great! Very shaded and lots of animals were active that morning.
I love my two little meerkats.

 My blogging friend (and native Tennessean!) Rachael recommended Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. OH. MY. STARS. There was an awesome tree house exhibit based on children's books.
I could not have dreamed it up better myself.
It was so super cool.

 I mean seriously. That's The Rainbow Fish. Made out of old CDs. SO FUN!
 The ball of yarn was Chase's favorite. Did I mention it was in the middle of a pond?
My favorite was going inside for lunch. It was hot y'all!
 Mimi met us in Nashville as Isaac rained on her parade too and she didn't make it to AL with us.
We had two whole days with her and it was so fun!
 We stayed at the Opryland Hotel. It was fabulous. And beautiful!
And huge.
Directionally challenged me would have been in a real pickle without Wes to follow.
Look at that map?!
My Mom? Not much help. Together we are not to be trusted to get you anywhere!

Chase is still talking about the "water show." I mean, it was pretty cool so I can't blame him.

 Day 2 of the water show. You better believe we went back to see it at night!
Hanging out on the patio that overlooked the gardens.
Next up on our worldly travels (!) we headed to Evansville and spent 3 days with Pop and Grandma. We hung out, swam and got to see Great Grandma Buente too!
Chase got to experience his first hibachi grill with Pop and Grandma.
He was MESMERIZED as we thought he would be. He loved all the tricks.
Who doesn't love an onion volcano?
Then, we traveled back to Nashville for a fun wedding!!
(Have I mentioned when we got home I didn't even want to look at the inside of our car? That's a lot of driving. So much that I may have a future post on how to keep a toddler happy for 30 hours in the car!)
 Wes met Jeremy when they were Chase's age. I think that is super fun. Jeremy was an usher in our wedding. He lives in Nashville with his new beautiful wife Candice and is a record producer.
Chase was so in awe of Candice that night. I love how he is looking at her in this picture.
 There were several live bands, yummy food, and cupcakes.
Chase was a rockstar that night. They handed out earplugs as you walked in. The bands were all so much fun and Chase said his favorite part of vacation was "the band!"


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