Sunday, August 26, 2012

Zoo Phonics

Chase starts preschool in a few weeks and we've been working hard on letter sounds.
 His school utilizes Zoo Phonics for their phonics, so I wanted to be able to reinforce that at home. It is a very kinesthetic and musical way of learning as each letter is given a motion to do with your hands and is set to a song.

I've seen a lot of ABC animals online and on pinterest, but I wanted to use the actual animals that are used in Zoo Phonics, and in the song he will eventually learn to go along with it!

The letters were super easy to make. I basically used construction paper, glue and of course, googly eyes. Those were Chase's favorite. A few were challenging to create, for example U-Umbrella Bird. I caved and just did an umbrella. :)
 We made sure to talk about the different animals and the letter sounds they made while we cut and glued the different animals together. 
You can check out the Zoo Phonics animal names and motions here!


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