Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Goodbye Crib

Chase has been in his big boy bed for 2 weeks now. He has done great. He stays in it until we get him in the morning, and has been sleeping well, aside from finding him like this on night #3:

I took a peek on the monitor and didn't see him in the bed. My heart nearly stopped as I sprang out of bed to go check. He is a bit of a wiggler sometimes, and sure enough had fallen out. It hasn't happened since, and luckily, we have just the mattress on the floor for now until his bed comes in.
And yes, I'm the Mom who takes a blurry iphone photo of her poor child before putting him back in.

I wanted to take a few photos of the crib before we packed it away. (We also packed up the brown chair, so many memories in that chair. I have to figure out a new place for his quarterly updates!) 

I don't think I ever documented on here that our son is part beaver.
Don't believe me? I give you the proof:
 When he was in his "teething" stage, he really enjoyed taking out his aggressions on his beautiful crib. I found a cloth cover/protector for it a little too late, but wow, what memories huh?
Goodbye crib, hello big boy bed!
 Trying it out with Daddy
the first night.


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