Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend kicked off the start of summer for us. Wes had four days off and we spent them together and had a great time! Here's our weekend in photos.

Friday morning we took Chase to Conner Prairie for a "Gabby Goats" program.

Chase and I hit up the farmer's market Saturday morning. He had a whole dollar and was so excited to spend it. He tipped the guitar player and then we got some strawberries and a pretzel.
Our community pool opened up Saturday and Chase discovered he could touch the bottom of the shallow end. He was pumped!

We hit up a local carnival and Chase rode some rides for the first time. He was a big fan of the cars!

We took a day trip to Louisville on Sunday and celebrated my birthday as well as my brother Derek's. We spent the morning at the pool and Chase LOVED hanging out with his cousins.

 first pushup!
Thanks for hosting Derek and Meredith, we had such a fun day!


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