Sunday, June 24, 2012

Meeting Cousin Luke

We were in Chicago last weekend visiting our new nephew Luke.
What an adorable, perfect little boy he is! We are so in love with him already.
 Here are some pictures from our visit.
Chase LOVES the windmills we pass on the way to Chicago!
He wasn't sure what to think of Luke at first, and didn't pay him much attention. But he eventually warmed up and wanted to give his soft little head kisses. Chase also took some ukulele lessons from Uncle Rob. Here he is singing a song for Luke:

 Chase had a great time hanging out with his Aunt and Uncle. Uncle Rob showed him how to set up and knock over dominoes and built him a super cool hat out of building blocks. :)
Not only did we get to meet cousin Luke this weekend, but Chase spent his FIRST NIGHT EVER in a "real" bed. He is now too big for his pack and play, so he slept with me that night. We kept him up until 10:00 that night (!) and when we turned off the lights, I heard his heavy breathing 30 seconds later. :) I was secretly looking forward to all the snuggles, but all I really got was toddler feet in my stomach and back all night. Oh well, it was still sweet and he also slept all night, and was dry in the morning too - Success!
Sweet little baby Luke,
We miss you already. We loved meeting you and holding you. You were the first little newborn we have held since our Christian, and we are so honored and proud that it was you that we got to hold. We love you so much and can't wait to see you again soon.
Don't grow up too much before then! :)


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