Monday, April 23, 2012

Learning from Mr. Eagle

He flew right over my head again last Monday, as I was pulling Chase in his wagon through the neighborhood. It has become a running joke that whenever we see a big bird we yell "BALD EAGLE!" and this time I thought to myself, no way is it that bird again.

But as it glided down the street we were on in our direction, I noticed the head was white. I started yelling to Chase for him to look. It flew overhead and had a stick and a long piece of straw in its beak. Oh, Mr. Eagle gives me the chills.


I've been looking at a lot of scripture on Eagles.

This amazing bird is mentioned more than any other bird in the bible.
It is a symbol of deliverance, redemption, an illustration of renewal, and of waiting on the Lord.
Eagles love the storm. When other birds flee from the storm, the eagle flies into it and uses the storm to rise higher. I thought that was pretty interesting. And the eagle is also mentioned in one of my favorite scriptures, from Isaiah:


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