Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pink Eye!

Chase had pink eye a little over a week ago. He got it right before his playdate party! NOT GOOD, I thought! We can't have 10 little pirates in this house, sharing eye patches of all things! Luckily, we took Chase in Thursday afternoon during walk-in hours, and he was able to start his antibiotics that evening. Dr. G said the party could still happen as he only needed to be on his meds for 24 hours prior to the party for him to be considered "non-contagious!" Whoo, thank goodness.


Little man also had a small ear infection (his 2nd) which usually comes along with Pink Eye. We are finishing up our antibiotics and on the mend! Boo for being sick! We are thankful this one had little effect on playing, sleeping, eating or overall mood! :)


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