Friday, March 2, 2012

Chase's 3rd Birthday {Part 2: Pirate Playdate!}

Chase had all his little pirate pals over for a pirate playdate. It was so much fun to celebrate again with all of his sweet little friends. They made awesome pirates! We are so blessed with such an awesome group of friends for Chase.

I just love these kids and their parents!
The pirates had a good time looking for the treasure during the treasure hunt and walked the plank as well.
How cute are they in their little pirate hats with their treasure maps?!

Lots of yummy snacks, pizza and cupcakes were had by all!
Find these free printable cupcake toppers here! (They also have free printable pirate hats, banner, and thank you notes.)

Chase loved having his friends sing to him, and he even joined in and sang the Happy Birthday song too! I think he was super excited to eat more cake. I ended up freezing the bottom layer of the cake we had for the family party for a week since we only ate the top layer. I was nervous it wouldn't taste good, but it was great!

Make a wish!

And of course we got all the kids (and some of the parents too!) into the photo booth!

Thanks to all the little scallywags who came to the party, we had the best time with you all!
Chase is still talking about it!


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