Thursday, March 8, 2012

3 Year Well Visit

Chase had his 3 year well visit today.

As he sat up on the table with Dr. G...
I just couldn't believe how big he looked! I of course got teary eyed, thinking of his first visit:

5 days old. Seriously, I can't even take it. Look how little he was!

Chase was SO brave today. Such a big boy. In the first picture here he is telling Dr. G as she is listening to his heart that "I have one of those at home." (Talking about the stethoscope.) He just cracked me up that he was just sitting there, like no big deal, chatting it up with her. Everything checked out great, but he does still have his ear infection, and the pink eye was still a bit, well, pink. We are starting round #2 of a different antibiotic and hoping this clears it up. From someone who doesn't even like to take (or give) Tylenol unless I'm in a lot of pain, I am not a fan of him being on the meds again. We are praying this ear infection is GONE after these 10 days.
They took his blood pressure as well and he was a champ. I asked some questions (mainly about potty training) and we were done!

3 year old stats:
Weight: 30 1/2 lbs (35%)
Height: 39 inches (82%)

Long and lean, baby! :)

Today I praise a God who has blessed me with a beautiful, sweet, caring and healthy boy to love and nurture. He is our greatest joy and we celebrate each moment!

I also must add that I can't believe I'm actually blogging TODAY about something we did TODAY. Dare I say, I am practically caught up?!?! (ok so not totally but where's the fun in that?)


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