Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mr. Snowy

It snowed last week. JUST enough to go outside and build Chase's very first snowman. The snow was perfect for packing so we I got to work.
Years ago my Mom had gotten Wes and I this awesome "Snowman in a Box" for Christmas, and we used it for the first time. It was perfect! 

We managed to get our first snow angel done as well!

Chase named him Mr. Snowy and loved looking out his window to see him.


Kelli said...

Cue the Twilight Zone music...again. My son made his first snowman recently with snow that was perfect for packing, and we used a snowman in a bag kit that I made in a moms' group last year. Our version was an island of snowy-manliness (is that a quality?) amongst the grass, too, since we used up all of the snow around him to create him, but E loved looking out the window at him all the same. The big difference in our stories being that "we" was really just my husband. I directed the process from the warmth of the indoors.

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