Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hearts Everywhere!

Chase and I have been doing some fun Valentine's day crafts, so I thought I'd share a few!

I found this cool "stained glass" tissue paper window idea from Pinterest HERE. Chase enjoyed ripping, tearing and shredding the paper far more than he did applying it to the window. For the record, the blog states to use glue, but we just used water. Some of the pieces started to come off a few days later, but I just wetted them down a bit more to make them stick.

We also wrote on the windows with window markers and put up this month's window clings.

I swear I crossed my T. It's light, but it's there. :)

1. butterflies made from a heart shaped sponge.
2. handprint hearts from HERE
3. simple sponged hearts

After we colored this Valentine, I asked who we should give it to. How sweet my little boy is.
This next idea I adapted from a tree I used to make when I taught a poetry unit in 4th grade. It was a "poe-tree" and my students would write their selected  poems on leaves for the tree. I just took that idea and made a mini tree for Valentine's Day. We are adding pink, white and red hearts each day until Valentine's Day with the people and things we love!
That's "mommy" written on the first one. That's my boy! :)

To make this, all you need is brown craft/mailing paper, tape (I used scotch), scissors, and heart shapes for the leaves. (I used my cricut for the hearts, but they are easy to make free-handed.)
I cut a strip out of the craft paper for the trunk that was about 4-5 inches wide and the height I wanted. (It is basically Chase's height) I crinkled it, then taped it to the wall, tucking in the edges as I went. For the branches, I cut 2-3 inch strips and did the same thing.
The verse is also short enough that younger kids can learn it!

We love because He first loved us. - 1 John 4:19

Check back tomorrow for more crafts from our Valentine's Day playdate party!


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