Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas {Spent with good friends}

Wes and I have really been blessed with good friends. Friends we can really talk to and share life with, and for that we are so thankful. They are the friends you want to be with this time of year! We recently spent a few nights out with them celebrating a special birthday and Christmas!

Our friends Nic and Liz treated us to a great dinner out to celebrate Nic's birthday. Our friends Matt and Steph came too but left before I got my camera out! Thanks again for a great night!

Happy 30th Nic!

Nic with his "favorite things" bouquet!

Rich and Joni hosted our annual Christmas party. Always a fun time!
me + self-timer = cheap fun...seriously it doesn't take much sometimes. :)
There, got the group shot!

Merry Christmas, we love you guys! :)

A special thanks to Pop for watching our little guy!


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