Sunday, October 2, 2011

Monthly Update {31 months}

I find myself laughing out loud at the whole monthly update thing and "31 months" - he's just so big! :)

silly face

Chase is doing great. He is such a joy and every day I am so grateful to be at home with him.
 I recently started "school" with him. I'm working on introducing new things each week as well as reviewing things he already knows. Some things we've been working on in the last month include lowercase letters, numbers, counting, sight words, opposites, skills such as dressing himself and feeding himself a bit better, and bible verses. We also try to do a few crafts each week. It's been fun!

I started attending MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) twice a month for a few hours and Chase goes to "Moppets" during that time. He has done so well and really loves his teachers. I love the break, the community with other Moms, but I especially love knowing Chase is learning about the Lord and how much He is loved by Him.

Also, a HUGE PRAISE for something we have had on our hearts since losing Christian. Since Christian's diagnosis dealt with his kidneys, we wanted to get Chase scanned for peace of mind. Doctors have told us Christian's condition was a complete fluke and not genetic, but we wanted to do it for ourselves so we never had to wonder. Chase's scan was done a little over a month ago and his kidneys are completely healthy and functioning! Praise God! Wes and I were also scanned and we are also A-OK. What a big relief for us...

New things this month:
He can now say his little prayer before meals by himsef  "God is great. God is good, now we thank Him for our Food. Amen!" He can also say his "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" prayer at bedtime with some help.

Some new things he says a lot:
He is VERY into "Remember That?!"
"Holds me" (Hold me)
"I do that by me self!" "You not help me"
He also says "toast office" for post office and likes to take piggy ride backs. :) 
sweet little piggy toes
He's your guy if you need something fixed.

Breakfast with all of his friends.

saying his prayer

working on a sight word craft.


The Christmans said...

We must be on the same brain wave! I started MOPS this year too. I've really enjoyed it thus far. It is nice to connect with other mommies and let Lia have some time with other kids without paying for daycare when I'm at home!

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