Saturday, October 15, 2011

Christian's Name Gallery

In honor of today, National Infant and Pregnancy Loss day, I am sharing the first photo in Christian's name gallery. A name gallery is another way to keep Christian's memory alive and to honor his name. There's nothing better than hearing someone speak his name, and talk about him. It means THE WORLD to us. And to see his name is just as special. When we were on vacation, I missed him a lot. When I walked along the beach during a sunrise and a sunset, I decided to write his name in the sand for his name gallery.

We'd be honored to have you help us keep his memory alive in this way. It doesn't have to be somewhere special, it can be somewhere you'd least expect it when Christian comes to mind. Maybe you see his name written somewhere like a street sign or a restaurant. We look forward to adding to his gallery and honoring our sweet boy.


Anonymous said...

Check out's a new non-profit organization to help families with infant loss resources. It was created by an indy mom who lost her son in March.

Anonymous said...

I'm from BBC and have been following your blog for months. I love your strong faith and wanted to give you a couple of other blogs of Christian women that I thought you might enjoy. They haven't faced what you have but are inspirational just the same and I've been reading them the last few months.

1. Blog by Tesney Davis. She and her husband just adopted a little boy from Russia. Their story is amazing if you have time to read it. They are also building a house in a poor neighborhood so that they (and several other fammilies) can live among people who need daily interactions with families with such strong faith.

1. A perfect Lily. A lady whose little girl has down syndrome and it chronicles the letters she wrote to her when she was pregnant and since she was born.

3. Reeces Rainbow. A charity I just learned of this year when I had a 1:6 chance my daughter would have Down Syndrome. She didn't, although she was born 5 weeks early and weighed only 3 lbs (she's doing great). Even if you have no desire to ever adopt, there are so many sweet kids on here (and families adopting) that need your prayers. My favorite is Elden 14G - look at the sparkle in his eyes.

I think and pray for you Erin and enjoy your blog. It's beautiful and Christian is so very, very special.

Sue - Wisconsin

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