Friday, October 7, 2011

100 Acres of Fun {IMA Visit}

Chase and I had a super fun playdate at the IMA (Indianapolis Museum of Art) this past week! We went to the outdoor portion of the museum called 100 Acres. 100 Acres is a series of outdoor exhibits, woodlands, wetlands, meadows and a 35-acre lake. 
I had to get a quick shot of Chase in front of Robert Indiana's LOVE sculpture. This is in front of the museum so Chase and I parked near it with the hazard lights on, jumped out of the car, scooted through the bushes and got a few quick snaps!

Matthew and Chase: Double Trouble :)

 Bryce and Chase checking out the rings. Their shadows become one during the annual summer solstice!

Funky Bones! 
The whole gang! Love these kiddos!

Jumping with Sam


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