Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I Love Wednesday {Organization}

Deep down, I am an organizer. I take great pride in knowing just where {most} things are in my house. I'm not crazy about it, but I AM that girl that once organized her shoes in clear boxes with photos of them on the outside. (OK, now that I typed that out it DOES sound a bit OCD...)

I have areas of my house that just ALWAYS seem cluttered and messy. No matter how hard I try to pick up and throw unneeded things away, they remain. Some of these include a toy closet in our front hallway, a coat closet and our junk drawers. Yes, junk drawers plural, because I now have FOUR in my kitchen. I once bought an organizing insert for my junk drawer but it only led to additional junk drawers.

This post is dedicated to two small projects I did this week to declutter two areas: the toy closet and the front coat closet. They are super easy and anyone can do it!

I give you, the toy closet, BEFORE:
Oh the horror.
Art supplies everywhere, toys thrown in at the bottom, old magazines NO ONE will ever read again and overall messiness.

Now the AFTER:

I can breathe again! I purchased some clear bins at the dollar store and made labels with my Cricut machine for the things we use a lot: play-doh, art supplies, paints, etc. I think it's actually helpful that Chase can't see what's inside them because he tends to want to grab things off the shelves, which isn't the safest thing.


The next project was the hall coat closet. The coats weren't the problem, but the huge box of winter scarves, hats and gloves was.


This over-the-door thing is great.  This isn't my brain child, I saw it on pinterest of course. I don't know why I didn't think of it before. (Isn't that what you always say when you see something on pinterest you like?!) I now have 26 individual spots for our winter accessories. I tried to put matching sets like hats/gloves together when I could. I got the organizer at Target and it was very reasonable. The sad thing is I filled it fast with no pockets to spare, but I know it's going to be handy-dandy come winter!

What organizing tips do you use around your house? Any tips for turning 4 junk drawers into 1 or even 2?


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