Monday, September 5, 2011

Meeting Angie

For those of you who follow my blog regularly, you know Christian's story. And if you know his story, you know how much this woman below means to me. She was a complete stranger to me and she walked in my shoes 3 years ago with her daughter Audrey. She is an incredibly gifted writer, and I am so thankful that she chose to share her Audrey's story with the world in order to help others and glorify God in the process!

I was able to meet Angie Smith after the WOF conference during a meet and greet/book signing. I sobbed and sobbed as I shared my sweet Christian with her. Our stories are eerily similar, down to the nature of the diagnosis and how long we spent with our little ones. This meeting was so good for my heart. It was so healing to share Christian's story face-to-face with someone who's been through this journey. After we talked and hugged the last words she spoke to me were: "It. Gets. Better." I needed to hear that. I am still waiting for that "better" part to get here, but it was so good to see her smiling and laughing during parts of her testimony. I know just by listening to her speak of Audrey 3 years later that there are big pieces of her still missing. There are holes from losing her daughter that will never be filled. But seeing her faith in Christ gives me hope that I too will see that it gets better.


Tara said...

Oh Erin! I'm so glad that you got to meet her and talk to her about Christian. What a blessing to hear from someone who is further down the line than we are that it DOES get better!

Robin Mullins said...

Erin - Angie's book really ministered to me last year when I had my miscarriage. I am so glad that you got to meet her - I'm sure that was very healing for you. Did you know that she has a new book out? It's called What Women Fear and it is really good. She has such a way with words. Praying that you will continue to find peace amidst the storm of life.

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