Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A visit from the cousins!

My family was in last weekend for a visit. Chase had so much fun with his cousins! They hadn't seen each other since Christmas with everything we've had going on and it was so good for them to spend this time together. They have TOO much fun!
The 3 amigos at the pool

Chase was so brave in the water...he had regressed a bit this summer and it really helped having his cousins there to show him how it's done!  
Meredith and Ava

Derek and Chase had a great time together. It warms my heart to see them bonding together.

Chase loved having his cousins come greet him after their naps!
just chillin'

Me and my favorite girls!

homemade popsicles are the best!

There was a silly string fight!

Where someone was unfairly targeted....
Ah, poor Greg. He didn't see them coming!

We had homemade ice cream. Chase supervised.
We took a wagon ride. My sister-in-law Meredith was right when she said they wouldn't be this little much longer where they can all fit in together. :(
Sweet Ava

We read "night-night stories"

...and had our milk

and watched some of Toy Story together... (they are so SERIOUS here!)

and the big girls stayed up later and we drew a big picture for Uncle Wes!

We even had time for making a robot the next morning! :)

Chase talked about his cousins all week after they left saying over and over: "I played with me's cousins!"

So glad you came, we miss you already!


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