Thursday, July 21, 2011

We're Melting...

Yesterday's heat index reached a whopping 110 degrees and today's high is 99 so we've spent a LOT of time indoors. It's hard to keep an active toddler happy when you can't get out much, but we sure do try!

A trip to Monkey Joe's
at orange leaf - our new favorite spot. DOESN'T help that it's literally 2 minutes from our house. At least it's yogurt...right?

Time in the kiddie pool has been a lifesaver since we can put it in the shade.  

Do you know what's cuter than a diaper bottom? A swim diaper bottom, that's what!

We built several tents, and I LOVE playing in them as much as Chase does!

Did you know that chip clips work WONDERS for tent building?

tent snuggles. the best!

We hope you are staying cool wherever you are!


Melissa said...

thanks for the tip on the chip clips and tents....we were really struggling with our tent!!

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