Tuesday, July 5, 2011

TIDWTF - church edition...

When Wes and I arrived at church this past Sunday we noticed the lot wasn't very full. We thought it was just the holiday weekend, a lot of people travel out of town. Then we noticed there were no lines to check the kiddos in for nametags/pagers - and then we saw the sign: no children's programming due to the holiday. We didn't know as we were in Chicago last weekend and didn't get "the memo!"

So... Chase came into the sanctuary with us for the first time in I can't remember when. He liked the music and we got about 45 minutes into the service before he got ants in his pants. During communion, when everyone was quietly praying and the lights were dim, Chase apparently thought that the congregation had fallen asleep so he said "WAKE UP!!!!!" Luckily there was background music playing and not everyone heard him. We laughed so hard at him. And then took him out into the lobby. :)


Kara Masi said...

That is hysterical! Kids are so funny at that age; it's a good thing you blogged what happened....it will be a great thing to remember when he's older :-)

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