Wednesday, July 27, 2011

{29 months}

He's so big.

Everytime I turn around it's something new.
 He talks in sentences. He's FUNNY! He is such a joy to us.

29 month rundown:
Favorite toys: a stuffed Buzz Lightyear found for $1 at a garage sale (score!) and an airplane that shoots rockets (thanks Mimi!)
Favorite foods: grapefruit (and grapefruit juice), corn & peas, pizza, anything with jelly.
New things: swinging like a big boy instead of on his tummy, driving the "car" cart at the grocery store, and closing his eyes and saying "Where'd me go?"
Favorite songs: "Jelly Man Kelly" by James Taylor and "I Like to Move It" from Madagascar
New funny things he says:
 "warm it out" instead of warm it up
"maybe later" when I tell him it's time for his nap
"me's" instead of mine (It's so cute half the time I don't have the heart to correct that one...)
"No, ME do it!" - if I only had a quarter each time that was spoken!
and my new favorite as I leave his room at night:
"I need a kiss Mommy" (yes, I have already kissed him a million times but I'll never grow tired of that!)
getting into the carseat by himself - big boy stuff!
"Where'd me go?"
We are pretending...can you tell?!


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