Thursday, June 23, 2011


Chase and I made our very first volcano this week! I used a recipe I found here. I ended up cutting it in half as I was low on flour and so I just used an old hand wash soap container without the lid. It made more than enough dough.
Easy to make...all of the things I needed I already had on hand!

Chase checking out the volcano.
 Product plug: This red art tray! I got it a while back after I used something similar during an art class at Gymboree. It has sides and even came with 50 sheets of paper. It's advertised as a finger-painting tray, but I use it for sooo many things: water colors, coloring, finger paint, shaving cream activities and now this volcano! You can find it here.

We added red food coloring but you can do any color!
Here comes the lava!!! We also watched some volcano videos on youtube before we made ours. You know, background knowledge. :) We liked this video and this song.
Of course my pickle, lime and lemon loving kid had to taste the vinegary water. YUCK! :)


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