Friday, June 25, 2010

16 months!

Chase is 16 months old....time flies. It just keeps getting better, each month I swear it's my favorite and it just becomes more and more exciting and fun!

Chase is still sleeping from 6:30/7 pm to 6:30/7 am with usually just one nap during the day. His favorite activity right now is to read books. He likes to crawl into our laps and grab a book. He can sit for a long time looking through them and pretending to read them.

Chase also LOVES his baths and loves to eat! His favorites these days are blackberries, cheese, crackers and yogurt. He now goes to the pantry door and says cracker, asking for his little cheddar bunnies. It's amazing to me how many words he "gets" but can't necessarily say. For instance, while folding laundry I asked him to go get a stray sock from across the room and he was able to do it. His favorite words to say are baby, cracker, hi and la la (for Elmo) - in that order. We are working on animal sounds every day and he knows duck, cat and lion. He also can sign "eat" and "milk" now too - which is just too neat. He started shaking his little finger when I tell him No No. He clasps his hands together to pray when you get him into the high chair and his newest trick is to "show us your teeth" where he bares his bottom teeth and looks like a little bulldog. :)

I've been taking Chase to the pool whenever I'm able to and he is getting braver and braver! I'm holding off on swim lessons until he's a bit older, probably next summer - and spending this year getting him acclimated to being in and around the water. He loves to walk around in the kiddie pool and loves his new floatie and letting me "swim" him around the big pool on this tummy. Before I know it he'll be jumping in and diving for pennies!

Here are some pictures of our sweet baby boy!
Hey everybody! I'm 16 months old!
OK, I brushed my hair, how do I look?

Playing with some artwork his cousin Bre sent to him in the mail.
Loves trying to carry these big bears around.
Reading with Daddy
This is the face he makes when we play "where is Chase" and he pops into the room....
His favorite drawer: pans!
Posting this one only because these jammies are too cute :)


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