Tuesday, May 18, 2010

15 Months!

Chase is 15 months old! Walking is going great and taking fast steps and wanting to run is the new thing! We had two tumbles in one day a week back and had some scrapes and bumps on our head for a few days, but he handled it fine, thank goodness. He still LOVES books and likes to eat oatmeal and waffles for breakfast. He has grown quite attached to his "lovey" lately and now sleeps with it all night instead of just at naps. It doesn't leave the house (except for Dr. appts) and he will sometimes go into his room and pull it out of his crib and carry it around. He is babbling a lot and trying to say his version of lots of words! It's so exciting to see him "get it" when we tell him things and watching him grow into his own little person! :) He's rarely taking a 2nd nap but is still sleeping 12-13 hrs. a night and napping for 1 1/2 on average.

His 15 month appt. went well as far as everything looking great. But Chase was not a happy camper at this appointment. The nurse told me that this was one of the hardest ones because developmentally at 15 months they have high stranger anxiety. Boy, was she right! He screamed on the scale, and screamed when they measured his height. Thank goodness most of the exam was done in my lap. Shots were ok, he cried but handled them well, but he whimpered the whole way home and crashed when we got home for his nap. Poor baby. There's nothing worse than seeing him cry! He weighed in at 22 lbs (up to 14% from 7% at 12 months!) and was 30.5 inches tall (29%). His noggin' measured in at 18.5 inches (43%).
100% Perfect! :)
And some out takes...
Loved seeing himself in the mirror!
A few more photos from the week:
Chase loves to turn this toy over and spin the wheels!
Checking his email...


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