Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Wes!

Wes recently celebrated his 32nd birthday! He still looks like the young guy I met at Purdue way back when!  Wes, Chase and I celebrated by going to a local Mexican restaurant. At the end of the meal, the whole crew came out with a LOUD assortment of instruments and a sombrero for Wes that was suited for someone with a head the size of Chase's. HILARIOUS. I thought Chase was going to flip out of his high chair when he heard all the commotion! Wes and I put the hat on Chase and he just started bawling. I snapped the most hilariously sad photo ever with my phone before I took it off. I need to try to download it from my phone. It's one of those photos that you just hate to laugh at, but it's just too hilarious. It's definitely a contender for his future wedding video. Wes and I laughed until we had tears.

Here is a photo of Chase and Wes taken recently. I find it to be quite precious.

Happy Birthday Wes. You are an amazing husband that I thank God for everyday and
an even more amazing father to our sweet little boy!
We LOVE you!


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