Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Steps!

What an AWESOME week! Wes and I have been really amazed at how much Chase is doing lately. He seems to want to mimick everything we do! He's been walking on his push toys forever but hasn't really shown much interest in walking on his own - until last week on Thursday (3/25). We were having a snack and he was really into it so I stood him a few feet in front of me and showed him the cracker and sure enough, he walked to me! 2-3 steps the first time, then 4-5 for Daddy when he came to see! It's so darn cute to watch his face light up as if to say "Yay, I'm really doing it! Watch me go!" Here are a few short videos I was able to take!

Here I come! I want that cracker Dad!

Crazy man! Look out!


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