Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chase's Birthday Party - The Details

Chase's 1st birthday party was a big success. We had about 50 or so people join us. We feel so blessed to have such a wonderful group of family and friends that wanted to celebrate Chase's birthday with us. It was a day that we will never forget and I can't wait to share the pictures and videos with Chase when he is older! A big thanks to everyone who came. Enjoy the photos!

First, some of the details. I had so much fun making all the decorations! I made things here and there each week leading up to it. There were times when Wes thought I'd lost it for sure, but I had a blast! ha ha
The invite
(Courtesy of - and if you've never been to this site - consider yourself warned - it is ADDICTING!)
Chase's party hat
Centerpieces featured Chases's "firsts"

Caterpillar banner with monthly photos
Guest book
Highchair banner

Candy Buffet

Treat bags
My favorite part of the candy buffet were these little suckers that said "First birthdays are SWEET!"

Coloring books for the kiddos

Easy to make pom poms which we hung from the ceiling and above tables

Cake table

Birthday cake
Yummy food. Thanks to the Grandmas and Meredith for pitching in! :) Forgot to get a closeup of how I had wrapped the untensils in napkins with ribbon, you can sort of see it here at the end of the table!
Chase's smash cake
Cupcakes with toppers
Welcome sign
Birthday Banner


Quintessential Consulting said...

Thank you for sharing, this party looks like a lot of fun and some really GREAT ideas.

Anonymous said...

wow, what a great themed bday party! loved all the details

mooniebutt said...

What size photos did you use for your Caterpillar banner? I'm going to try to make one! So cute. Thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

Thx moonie- I used a 5 inch circle cutter for the photos. They were printed on my computer at home and they filled up about half a 8.5x11 sheet before cutting!

Anonymous said...

Where did you purchase the candy for the favors? Also the candy bags? I love that look!

Kim said...

I LOVE this theme idea for a 1st birthday. I am planning one for my son and may use your idea(s). I was wondering a couple things...
1)Did you make your cup cake toppers and what did you use as your sticks?
2) Did you just print a bunch of copies of the caterpillar on your computer and use them in various areas, ie the cupcake toppers and the highchair banner?
Lastly) How did you make the pom poms?

Thanks ahead of time for your help on this.

Erin said...

Hello! Sorry I am just now seeing the last few comments! Thanks so much! Most of the candy is from Sam's club and the bags are from Hobby Lobby. I made the poms and Kim if you can send me your email address or email me at I can send you all the details for everything I made.

Brittany @ GreyGreyDesigns said...

Cute party! I did this theme last year too, and it is SO fun!

klhayes74 said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I stumbled across this looking for something else, actually, but I know now what my little boy's first b-day theme will be, and he is only 3 months! Thank you so much for the inspiration! Where did you find the cute book paper {on the smash cake table picture and for the party hat}? I would love the details for everything, as well, if possible! SOOOO Awesome! :)

Alexis said...

Where did you get the coloring pages. I have only been able to find a couple.

Erin said...

Coloring Pages:
Pom directions:

I made the toppers and used sucker sticks. I purchased the dotted fabric on

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