Friday, February 19, 2010

Birth Day: 2/18

Here are some pictures from Chase's actual birthday on Thursday:
Aunt Krystle was in town for work and brought him some balloons and some flowers from Grandma!
Loves balloons!
Chase weighed in at a whopping 19 1/2 pounds of cuteness at his Dr.'s visit later that day. I chose this photo instead of another I had because it doesn't show how upset he was. Breaks Mom's heart!
Chase had 2 of his 3 shots scheduled partly due to Mom's guilt of scheduling such an event on his birthday. You can see in this picture that he is not too happy. He was onto the nurse the minute we got into the room. By far the most challenging visit to date. We'll get the MMR at the 15 month visit. :) Everything else looked great!

The mood improved after we napped. Especially when Chase received some presents from Mom's best friend Dinah and his pals Drew and Ben! He was PUMPED!!!
Trying the first taste of his birthday cupcake!
Eww, that's sticky
Woohoo! SUGAR!
Here, you try some!


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