Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chase is One!

Chase is 12 months old today! I just can't believe it! Wes and I have done a lot of remembering this week. Tonight I'm thinking about how anxious I was a year ago today, how scared I was to be induced. I remember going to McAlister's for dinner with Wes beforehand. It doesn't seem like 12 months ago! Everyone told me it would go fast, but I had no idea!

Chase is growing every day. Looking back on photos makes me want to cry. I just want to go back to those first few days and weeks and hold him and rock him. I think about how little he was when we brought him home that the carseat swallowed him. Now he's hanging off the end and needs a new one! I love that he is growing up too, he learns so much each new day and is developing into his own person. It's bittersweet.

Lately, Chase is really into pointing. Each morning after he eats, I'll spell his name "C-H-A-S-E spells CHASE!" and point to the letters I painted for him in his room. Now, Wes and I can just start to spell it and he'll point up to it and smile really big. He likes to point to Lilly too. So cute! His other thing now is he wants to share/show you whatever it is that he has. His sippy cup, a yummy piece of banana, or a toy. We aren't sure if he wants us to take it, or if he's just showing us. ha ha He's so giggly and sweet and cuddly, and we can't get enough of him! He amazes us everyday with the things he can do. We love our life with him and can't wait to see what the next year brings!

We are looking forward to celebrating with all our family and friends this weekend at Chase's birthday party! Woohoo!



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