Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy 10 months Chase!

Chase is now 10 months old! He is into everything! It's amazing what he can do now that he couldn't do a month or even a few short weeks ago. It's so fun to watch him catch on to things! His new favorite thing is of course walking around with his little pushcar or cart. He loves to be standing and pulling up on things and recently found out he can climb the stairs! He loves to give me gray hair by playing on the tile floor. He is now into opening and closing drawers and we've done a lot of childproofing in the kitchen area! He loves to say Dada and Mama and signs for more when eating. He can "clap on demand" when I say clap or patty cake and loves to wave although he tends to be shy around people he doesn't know well. We have introduced the word no and he shakes his head when we say it but obviously doesn't know the concept completely yet :). He loves to play peekaboo and will shriek so loudly when he gets excited. He also giggles so hard that he gets the hiccups so we have to be careful! ha ha
I recently took a CPR class and learned infant through adult CPR and the heimlech maneuver. It makes me feel a lot better knowing what to do if I ever needed it. Let's pray I never do! Forgot to mention, but Chase's 9 month check up was great. Still a long skinny green bean, but growing on his own scale. He was 9th% for weight and 66th% for height. We got put on the waiting list for the H1N1 vaccine at his 9 month appt. and just recently gave him his 1st dose of that. After doing lots of research and asking doctor and pharmacy friends, I feel a lot better about it and glad that he is protected.

We are madly in love with this sweet little boy and just can't imagine life before he came along!

Super Chase!

Opening drawers...loving the Tupperware!

Love this's like they are waiting for someone to come over and play!

Chase gave Dad a "My 1st Christmas" ornament he made with his handprint!

Watching my 1st snow!

Santa's newest rein-dog.


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