Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chase's Baby Dedication

This past Sunday was Baby Dedication Day at our church. As a new Mom, I find myself worrying a lot. I'm just a worrier in general I think! I worried about getting pregnant, I worried about things while pregnant, that he would be a healthy and happy child... Then when he was born Wes and I found that the worrying continues... This is why we are happy to give our worries to the Lord and dedicate Chase to Him. We look forward to raising him to know Jesus personally.

Wes and I promised the following in front of our awesome church family:
I promise to nurture my child in the Christian faith.
I will pray for my child.
I will teach them Biblical principles.
I will talk to my child about Jesus.
I will be humble and ask for help when needed.
I have dedicated myself and my child to Jesus Christ.

Here are some photos from our special day!


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