Friday, September 25, 2009


Chase loves to play Peekaboo! He will giggle if we even say the word. I've been playing it with him using his bib after he eats. The other day he grabbed the bib and held it up high over his head and would drop his hands really quickly. I could not stop laughing at him and just couldn't believe that he had caught on to our game! :) I had Wes grab the video monitor and he was able to capture some of it here. Since then, he has continued to play the game with his bib, blankets and his "lovey." It's so neat to watch him learn new things!

In other news, we are pretty sure he's getting his two top teeth. The drool is just EVERYWHERE and he cannot keep things out of his mouth. It's kind of heartbreaking to watch sometimes because you can just see it bothers him. Luckily it hasn't (knock on wood) affected his sleep/naps/appetite. Sometimes I wish those chompers would all come in at once and get it over with already!


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